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We are one of the Top Animated Explanations company in India. We help our clients to convey their business concepts to large audiences via animated video explanations. These videos prove to be very helpful if you want to transform your complex ideas into an interesting animation which the customers will love to watch. So if you have a product or an idea that is crazy and need exposure to be successful, you have come to the right place!

Our team specializes in creating these videos and offers various choices regarding the design and its content. Our explainer videos engage the viewers with our innovative ideas and make them hold a higher opinion regarding your service.Animated Video explanations India.

We craft effective business videos that are simple and inspiring by design. We make the best Animated Explanations India

               Working together through our turn key production process we take your message and transform it into a targeted video. Our process and pricing is based on 60 second videos. We can produce shorter or longer video and are very open to discussion regarding your project and unique needs. We focus on 3 core videos styles. First we have E-Commerce videos, which focus on capturing the essence of your brand by telling your company or product story. Second we have our 2D animated explainer videos, which are invaluable in helping build awareness, simplify complex messages and educate your target audience. Lastly, we have our live action videos which are great for persuading your audience to want, crave and desire your product or service.

Killer Marketing

           An explainer acts as your own 24-hour salesman, who always gets it right! Forget about hiring an army of marketers to spread your message around the world. Reach Us today.

Improved SEO

A Blink Tower explainer can do wonders for your SEO, helping you rise up in Google search rankings and showing off your business to more people than ever before!

Engaged Customers

People don’t buy what they don’t understand. An explainer is a great way to help your customers make informed buying decisions. Your sales will skyrocket!

Looks Great

Blink Tower explainers are quirky, creative and cool! We offer the highest quality in writing, animation and voice work, and customise your video to suit your brand!


Quality for value

We believe in offering great value for your marketing investment. In our opinion, a sustainable promotional video strategy should be obtainable and not prohibitive in price.


We strive to identify the objective and provide external insight to help uncover the core value locked within your message and deliver it with a purposeful, targeted video.

Turn Key solution

Our service has been designed to minimize the impact on your day to day activities without compromising your decision making and influence on final product.


We don’t believe in barriers. That’s why we establish direct contact between you and your SSV creative team, allowing you to understand status and influence your project.

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