CMS Development

What is the fun in owning a website if you can’t make changes to it anytime you want ? .  Once your site is up and running , you can login from a secured internet connection and edit the content as required . This is the primary advantage that a content management system , or a CMS offers . 

We understand that hiring a programmer who charges by the hour to make changes is an expensive endeavor for most businesses . This is where a CMS comes in . A CMS allows you to manage all kinds of text and media  with zero technical knowledge  , allowing you to make changes easily , frequently and quickly .

You have the power !

With CMS , you can update your site as frequently as you wish to . At the same time , we also ensure security and ease of use to create a CMS that is perfect for you .
We create powerful content management systems that allow you to update your website at a moments notice , while making it ridiculously easy to do so .

Business needs ? Done.

We at Crazyheads understand the importance of having a CMS that is tailored to meet your specific business requirements . Using custom developed methods and procedures to ensure the best product for your needs , we provide a CMS that is reliable and enables your business to grow at an exponential rate .

Advanced functionality with an interface that is simple and straightforward.

We love Open source

Being geeks , we love open source code ! The features we offer under standard CMS functionality are :
1. edit, create and delete pages
2. add and remove whole sections
3. change the website structure
4. upload documents and media
5. control users

Reliable , Robust and Radical

We can create Content management systems for a wide variety of ventures , ranging from e commerce sites , company websites , financial transaction sites and social media platforms . We have experience in dealing with companies of various sizes – right from a start up to a well established corporation .

WordPress, Drupal and Joomla

Our websites provide a great amount of control over design , structure and content:
1.multiple websites controlled by a single entity
2.versioning and content workflow
3.front-end editing,
4.advanced analytics