Best Logo Designing & Branding Agency of Vizag

We are undoubtedly the best logo designing vizag company and one of the best branding company in India. We at crazyheads understand the importance of having a logo that stands out from the rest of the crowd . To best explain the process that we’ll be following in order to get the perfect design for you by the best branding company in India , we’ve illustrated the process in clear concise steps :

  1. Talk ! . In this part of the process , we try to gather as many details as we possibly can from the customer . It is important for us to clearly understand what the customer has in mind and end up with a design that is as crazy as it can get .
  2. Brainstorm :  Yes , all we do here is order food and think . And come up with crazy ideas ( but mostly eat ) . We go into details that include the history of the brand , the future of the business , the current state of the brand and the values that the brand stands for .
  3. Conceptualize : During this stage , we get the pen and paper out and draw the basic rough sketch . In other words , we put what we have thought out into a form that can be seen by everyone .
  4. Digitize : We get the WMCs (weapons of mass creation ) ( okay , we open the laptops ) , and get to work to create a digital copy of the version that we now have with us after the conceptualization stage . During this stage , we also make sure to size the image for various scenarios , like on hoardings, flyers etc .
  5. Final touches : this basically involves us praying that the customer likes our design ( don’t worry , they always do . We’re awesome like that ) . If he puts up a sad smiley ,we do the whole thing again . And again . We do it until the customer has a big wide smile on his face .
  6. Delivery : We transfer the files to safe hands ( yes , we’re careful like that ) .The files given here will be in vector format , meaning the customer can resize it to any specifications .

We hope you do decide to get your logo designed by us , because we can say with absolute certainty that our ideas and concepts will be what we stand for : crazy ! .

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