Our Story

Proud CoFounders of CrazyHeads

Visakhapatnam . Subway . 4 : 30 PM .

Disclaimer : Some of the language used in here might be too cool to handle . #NoHatePlease . 

“ Mama , give treat re .” .

“ I already bought cookies for all of you . What more treat do you want ? “ .

“ Seriously baap . I need help . I’ve been building that website for like a week now . Structure and all is fine , but logo and content , blank“ .

*Cue everyone in the group taking out phones and pretending to check whatsapp because no one realized the awesomeness and the gravity of the statement that one of us had just made *

In the course of the next week  come in the two future members . The team manages to find someone with a keen interest in design and someone who is a freelance writer . All of them get to talking , over a sub and a coke , of course .

Thus began Crazyheads . It wasn’t like we had a plan to be a great company or anything .As goes the case with most young minds , a hungry stomach and an underworked brain are essentially the two things that have got us this far . Our team members were never forced to come and join . It is the energy and the focus that we project that has attracted them to be a part of our crazy venture . This is also why our team members stay loyal , because it is purely interest that has driven them to be a part of our venture . It is not by force that they are a part of our venture , but purely due to the satisfaction that comes from being a part of something bigger than all of us . We began Crazyheads with the intention of spreading knowledge and ideas to young minds .

Our team of young dynamic minds ensures that we always have fresh ideas that are just waiting to be implemented . We never had any proper guidance to begin with, google was our best buddy . Spending literal man hours in front of the laptop , crouched in awkward positions at ungodly hours has bought us to where we are today . Today , we are proud to say that we are in a position to build sites and perform tasks faster and better than companies that have had a foothold in the market since many years . It is like we believe – there is no substitute for hardwork and creativity ( or yes , craziness :P ) .

This just goes on to show what young mind and curious googlers can do with a laptop in front of them . We hope that our minds take us on experiences that are much more challenging and rewarding at the same time in the future . PS : If some of this doesn’t make sense to you , check out the works we’ve done . You’ll understand what kind of craziness we’re talking about .