Web Development

An amazing web development company , just for you !

Regardless of whether you are yet to have an online presence or are looking to improve upon what you have,  at Crazyheads , we have solutions for every need . All of our website development works  are custom built to suit your precise requirements, with a special focus on creating out of the box sites that can stand out. Our focus is to ensure the most effective solutions to your needs . making us one of the best web development companies around . 

With experience ranging from developing brand new CMS to customizing existing open source versions , Crazyheads takes pride in developing a CMS to suit your specific needs. At Crazyheads , our web development team  pays great attention to accessibility and back end management, while ensuring a program that is clean and uncomplicated  .

At Crazyheads , we understand the value of incorporating SEO during the website creation phase, rather than waiting for the completion phase. Our in house SEO team ensures that you have the best SEO methods incorporated into your website.Lastly, our blend of web development process attributes ensures that your business goals keep in mind, along with detailed planning and documentation at each stage.

Something a little outside of the box

Our services are an affordable way of ensuring a continued presence on the internet. But on the other hand, if you’re willing to go outside the box and go for a service that would make people fall off their chairs , we are a web development company who can create a website that is as unique as your business.

Mass Production ? No !

The websites we produce are designed to be flexible. This means that the site will continue to work efficiently regardless of the amount of content that you want to add , making the website designing process a lot more customized . We consider your venture’s philosophy and create content around it, to give you something which will make you say that we are indeed the best web development company around !

A website that adapts to the device you’re viewing it on , now that’s clever!

We create layouts that can adapt to the type of device it is being viewed on, . This essentially means that all users accessing your site will view a site that has been optimized for their particular device – be it an iPhone, a PC, a laptop or a tablet , something you can expect from the best web development company around !

The devil’s in the details

From creating icons that conform to the exact pixel specifications to ensuring the organic layout for device specific views, we go to great lengths for website creation that will make every single one of your customer go wow. We understand the fact that today’s customer expects much more from a website than just the bare minimum. Focusing on the details ensures a happy customer , something which we love !

Which CMS ? We know !

At Crazyheads, we understand that choosing the correct Content management system is crucial to make sure that you can easily edit your website. We understand that each Content management system has its own attributes , and the fact that each business will have its own unique set of needs from a Content management system. Keeping this in mind, we choose a Content management system that is just right for you !

We know you’re busy, so we’ll maintain your website for you

Leave the maintenance to us ! We offer a variety of maintenance packages, which essentially means that you get to sit and do the important stuff , while leaving the mundane bits of the website creation to us. We’ll keep the website design and development nice and tidy for you !